Love Yourself with Sex Toys

When we start having kids and watching them grow up right before our very eyes, it is not uncommon for us to lose out on the sexual experiences that defined our younger years. Whether we are a single parent, or even a parent in a committed and loving relationship, we often find ourselves finding less and less time to enjoy the sexual pleasures of life, either due to lack of time, or simply due to a lack of energy. In both cases though, there is a solution, and in many cases it is often better than the real thing – I am of course talking about sex toys!

While sex toys may have seemed like a novel concept a few decades ago, they are now very popular and front-and-center when it comes to women taking back control of their sexual lives. No longer are we left waiting around for our husband to come home from work to satisfy ourselves sexually. And neither are we stuck trying to squeeze in a good masturbation session in the 20 minutes before someone comes home. With sex toys, we are able to achieve highly effective orgasms that can be quick and time-efficient if necessary.

And while they are the perfect tool for finding sexual pleasure on your own, they are just as amazing when it comes to renewing the sexual spark between you and your husband as well. Sex toys can be used in conjunction with your typical sexual positions between you and your husband, leading to better sex than ever before. If you particularly find your husband lacking in the sex department for whatever reason (which is okay to admit), then using sex toys in this way is definitely something to take advantage of.

Sex toys come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, each with their own unique way of creating sexual pleasure. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for sex toys of your own, we recommend checking out Blissful Cherry, since they have a wide selection of products that cater to just about everyone (women should definitely check out their vibrator offerings in particular). Although you may be hesitant to start using sex toys at first, once you use them for the first time, you will see just how awesome they can be and will never look back. Sex toys will give you back the sexual pleasure that has been sorely missing in your life, becoming the perfect tool to help you “love yourself” whenever you have that all-too-common desire to unwind sexually after a long day of being a mommy!

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