Shopping (For Yourself)

As a parent, we are almost always constantly thinking about our kids, and as a result, almost always shopping for them. Sometimes it is shopping for school supplies, or shopping for yet another set of new clothes since your child has seemingly been growing non-stop. Even when you go grocery shopping, which is most likely a weekly task, you are thinking about what you need to buy to feed your children (in addition to yourself of course). However, as a way to unwind and take back the fun in life that you may often find missing, a good idea may be to actually go out shopping just for you!

Back when you we didn’t have kids, I’m sure you thought that shopping was one of the greatest joys in life. However, as soon as kids came into the picture, you not only had less time to shop overall, but as a result any time that you did go out shopping it almost always involved shopping for your kids rather than for yourself.

While that form of shopping won’t ever go away (at least not until your kids leave the nest so to speak), that doesn’t preclude you from going out and shopping like you used to when you were a women without any children. Simply find a day when you have the most time, and just go out and shop like you used to back in the day. You don’t even need to actually end up buying anything to have a good time, since a lot of times we have just as much fun just looking and browsing, even without any purchases ultimately being made. If you really want to make a day of it, invite some of your girl friends that you haven’t spent quality time recently to not just be able to spend time shopping, but also to catch up with those friends at the same time.

One key thing to remember when setting aside a nice shopping day for yourself is to not tell your children that you are out shopping, as that will often lead to them asking you to buy something for them while you are out, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid in the first place. Simply tell them you are at a doctor’s appointment or something similar, and keep the true nature of your absence from home hidden from them. All it takes is one great shopping day to get yourself in good spirits again, which is not only beneficial for yourself, but for the family that you are taking care of on a daily basis as well!

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